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Wiethop Chiropractic in St. Louis also offers Acupuncture.  Wiethop Chiropractic is a St. Louis Chiropractor located in South County, St. Louis, MO 63128.  The best back pain relief in St. Louis!


In my biased opinion, we offer the best chiropractic in St. Louis! Give us a call and find out what you have been missing. Your back will love you for it! Wiethop Chiropractic and Acupuncture is a St. Louis chiropractor and acupuncturist. We offer treatment for low back pain, headaches, sports injuries and many other health related issues.
- Dr. Wiethop

Our mission is “Compassionate care for your entire family” because when you discover the benefits of Chiropractic care, who better to share it with than your entire family? 

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If you are looking for a chiropractor, chiropractors or acupuncturist in south county St. Louis, we are conveniently located near residents in 63128, 63026, 63125, 63010 and surrounding areas.  If you are looking for great and convenient chiropractic and acupuncture care that is also affordable, look no further.  Give our office a call today!


Dr. Wiethop is available for speaking engagements in St. Louis and the surrounding areas.  Dr. Wiethop gives speeches on Health and numerous health related topics including Injury Prevention: In the workplace and at home; ergonomics; nutrition; acupuncture; ect.
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What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is the diagnosis and correction of minor misalignments that occur in the spine as well as other joints in the body without the use of drugs or surgery.  This correction is called an adjustment.  The adjustment helps the nervous system to function at 100% working capacity. There are many different types of adjustments that are performed depending on the injury, body type, and age of the patient.  The adjustment helps the body to heal itself.

Everyone can benefit from the Chiropractic Adjustment. Chiropractic helps to strengthen your nervous system by taking a look at the vertebrae or vertebra and how they move and function together.  Nerves are involved with everything your body does, so it’s important to have your nervous system functioning at its best.  Most people wait until they have neck pain, back pain, lower back pain, muscle pain and/or joint pain.  Chiropractic is great at helping those conditions; however, they are not the only conditions that Chiropractic helps.  As stated above: Your body heals itself.  Chiropractic helps to remove the interferences that can happen to the nervous system.  This means there are many conditions that can be helped by Chiropractic (i.e. Herniated Discs, Bulging Discs, Headaches, Restless Leg Syndrome, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, and Heartburn, just to name a few).  Do you know someone that has been to multiple physicians and was told there is nothing more that can be done for their pain?  Why don’t they try giving Chiropractic a shot? We also treat many patients that have been in a car accident and are suffering from whiplash or have had a personal injury.  We coordinate with the patient as well as the lawyer and insurance company to give you the best care possible.